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Diggers on Construction Site

Irrespective of the type of facility you require, the Reco Group is committed to providing exceptional service and maintenance. Whether you own an industrial or commercial property, our specialized service streamlines the process by allowing you to make a single call for repairs, maintenance, and project management. Our comprehensive building and grounds services cover a wide range of areas.

Building Maintenance Services

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Painting & Drywall repairs

  • Renovations

  • General Repairs and Service

Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

  • Fence Build & Repairs

  • Concrete Work

  • Excavation Service

  • Signage

  • Glass Repairs

What We Consider Building Maintenance

The effective management of a commercial building demands a wide array of skills to ensure its seamless functioning. This encompasses the maintenance of heating and cooling systems, plumbing upkeep, thorough inspection and repair of electrical systems, and the management of various utilities. Furthermore, it entails general repairs and services for all aspects of the building, including walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as overseeing renovation projects. Building maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving or enhancing the property value while ensuring a safe and secure environment.

What Types of Maintenance Do We Provide?

Our comprehensive building maintenance service encompasses the upkeep of all building systems as well as the interior and exterior of the premises. It is imperative to maintain every aspect of a commercial building. To ensure successful maintenance, our dedicated team of highly skilled technicians specializes in various fields such as HVAC, electrical work, general construction, and plumbing. Regular inspections of all building systems are conducted by our team, who efficiently manage multiple projects and are capable of handling emergency repairs.

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